My art is the story of finding my place in the world. I now almost know who I am, but it doesn’t offer me peace.

The eyes seem to follow you and penetrate into the deepest crypts of your soul. Frightening, yes, but an invitation to dialogue at the same time.

I now almost know who I am

From New York to Barcelona I’ve been exposing my work throughout the world.

My work can be permanently viewed at Gallery Brink 90 (Brink 90, 7411BZ Deventer, The Netherlands). A collection called “Fragments” will be presented within the basement of the building. You can make a personal appointment to visit the gallery and buy some of the work presented on this website.



Dickens Expositie: Galerij Brink 90

Brink 90, 7411BW Deventer

During the Dickens Festival in Deventer Brink 90 Gallery opens its doors for a special exhibition of Dore Grandjean. The quirky artist has agreements with Art Brut, but he also uses traditional painting techniques which he builds his work with multiple transparent layers. The gallery is open from...

Thank you for buying my time

Visit the Doré Gallery in Deventer the Netherlands

Galerie Brink 90

Brink 90, 7411BZ Deventer, The Netherlands

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